Itinerary to discover Lucca and its artistic beauty

Lucca, the city of 100 churches, can be visited in one day by tasting the essence and the artistic beauty.
Lucca is easily reached from our hotel in Camaiore following the ancient panoramic road running through the hills of Camaiore or the highway.

Short city tour in a day:
Lucca is easily reached from our hotel in Camaiore following the ancient panoramic road running through the hills of Camaiore or the highway.

The walls sixteenth
The historic walls, inseparable element of the city that make it unique in the world. Lucca is in fact the only city to have a completely walkable city walls on foot or by car, although today it is forbidden to drive in the car.
Four kilometers scenic walk overlooking the city of Lucca, on the most hidden corners and the pearls that these walls enclose within themselves, in the shade of ancient trees,
Secret passageways, hiding places and ramparts enclose the historical memory of a city that has so much to tell, as well as wonderful corners of paradise as the Botanical Garden, a kind of public garden, in addition to the floral heritage of the walls of Lucca Park , houses a library, herbarium, laboratory museums and much more.

The city of a hundred churches
Through the walls you enter the heart of the 100 churches of the city, called so for the high number of religious buildings there, beautiful artistic and architectural examples in one day, however, is difficult to visit.
It is advisable to focus on the Duomo or Cathedral of St. Martin in the square, which can be reached by crossing the walls of the train station.
Inside the cathedral are preserved some beautiful works of art such as the tomb of Ilaria del Carretto by Jacopo della Quercia and Wooden Crucifix of the Holy Face, an ancient symbol of the city, the Basilica of San Frediano, from where the procession of feast of the Holy Cross and the Church of San Michele, also located in the square in the middle of the historic center.
Here also crosses Fillungo; the most famous street of Lucca, one where reside all the major stores and known.

The Roman amphitheater
By Fillungo you get almost everywhere in the city center, especially if the weather is nice, a nice walk you will discover the prettiest parts of the city, and those stages that you can not miss, such as the square of.
Jewel of Lucca Roman facility where the old hole, with a typical elliptical original form of Roman amphitheatres that the current square was built and the buildings that surround it, maintaining its shape and structure.
Piazza amphitheater overlooking typical restaurants and shops in the authentic Lucchese flavor.

The Guinigi Tower
A short distance from Piazza Amphitheatre is the famous Guinigi Tower. S
Well on its own above the buildings of the center, you can not always orientate taking it as a reference point, given that the narrow and narrow streets, enclosed by historic buildings that are still home to antique shops and traditional crafts arts, not always serve to broaden the views. If you do not have enough time, you can avoid climbing to the top, although the roof garden is a curious and popular attraction.

Palazzo Mansi and Buccellato
A short break in Piazza Napoleone, known as Piazza Grande, before you leave the walls can really deserve. Considered a benchmark by Lucca, it was named after it underwent modernization works by Elisa Bonaparte to render homage to his brother Napoleon.
If you enjoy museums, the advice is to visit the National Art Gallery housed in the seventeenth-century Palazzo Mansi, where you will find important works by Italian artists mostly Renaissance.
During your walk through the streets of Lucca, a stop, even briefly, it could be the perfect opportunity to stop at one of the many shops selling the famous buccellato, bread with raisins, just to have a snack and taste one the most characteristic products of the city.

Events in Lucca
Summer festivals (music concerts with internationally renowned artists that take place in various places in the city), which usually takes place during the month of July.
Lucca Comics & Games from late October to early November. It is the international festival of the most important Italian comic book in which are held exhibitions and fairs of various types of comics, and more: the whole city becomes a sort of cartoon, where more or less famous characters come to life at the hands of enthusiasts, adults and kids that are, transforming themselves with assiduous fidelity or bizarre fantasy, creating a show that is a star.


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