Discover Candalla waterfall in Camaiore

Nestled in the Apuan Alps, between Camaiore and Casoli, it is Candalla waterfall, along the Rio Lombricese valley.
A very particular itinerary, rare and fascinating, by the name of “Itinerario turistico/ambientale Opifici del Lombricese”.
Walking on the path, the visitor will have the opportunity not only to immerse in a beautiful nature, but you can admire ruins and remains of those who were the laboratories of the past, born on the river in order to exploit the energy.
The whole course is surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful small waterfalls. The most striking is found next to the old mill.

Water depth: deep enough
Water temperature: cold, recommended changes (to the brave generally still just a summer suit)

Candalla waterfall is located a few hundred meters from our hotel and is just 5 minutes walk.


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