Vado - Lombrici - Metato - Casoli

Itinerary to discover the villages of Camaiore: Vado, Lombrici, Metato, Casoli

Starting from the hamlet of Vado, within walking distance from our hotel, you enter in the hills of Camaiore, in the past here were many mills and crushers that sfruttavana hydropower.
Going in the direction of Lombrici meets the mportant church of S. Biagio that has still all the typical features of the Romanesque style: already documented in the eleventh century.
Very nice locality with Candalla Ferriera Barsi a few hundred meters from the small town from where extends a still functioning hydraulic hammer.
The road leads us to Montecastrese and Metato. Here on a hill at the foot of the Prana is the Montecastrese Castle, fortified by the Romans and used as a fortress in the Middle Ages. Today the ruins offer a beautiful view between olive and cypress trees. Overlooking the sea, Metato, finds its origins in the characteristic essicatoitio for chestnuts called "metato". There are few people in this village coveted by many foreign tourists. Here in the green they open the paths to paths for walks. A cabin in Col di Poraglia is reference to various excursions on the nearby mountains.
Once in Casoli Lombricese perched along the river are the remains of the early church abandoned near the beautiful Villa Pardini. This area in the past century was the production center for the gunpowder. Casoli is also a starting point for excursions on Matanna and Prana. From above the village you can admire spectacular views as the peaks of the Apuan Alps.


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